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ImageBill Affiant did answer:

 Easter 8Apr2012 RE: www.lawlessamerica.com

                                                       1988  USSC takes their Fee_”but for” Due Process

                                denied to Thee: http://forums.e-democracy.org/groups/stpaul-issues/files/f/1202-2007-03-02T233420Z/SASC1988Brief15pdf.pdf

http://sharon-mn-ecf.blogspot.com/2007/03/foia-06cv-permission-to.html  When the Federal Judge Rosenbaum lies to Congress, Lies when we paid the $150 Filing Fee to deny Access?           We have no Justice. When Government becomes the Lawbreaker We have no Law.                                           2002

   MASSIVE Real Estate Fraud http://forums.e-democracy.org/groups/stpaul-issues/files/f/797-2007-02-27T034339Z/GrandJuryPet10Dec04_25.pdf

                     To the Hon. Bill Windsor Testimony of VA Widow Sharon Scarrella Anderson aka Peterson_Chergosky for Quiet Title’s   On the Graves of Tenants in Common Pursuant to Penalitys of Perjury http://www.legaleaglesharon.blogspot.com/


                                 How many person can come up with the 1976 Criminal Register?

THROWN IN JAIL FOR ALLEGEDY “Fail to optain Certificate of Occupancy” by Judge Betrand Poritsky who Sharon Ran Against. 36 year’s of this BS, Sharon is outliving all the Corrupt Judges.

EASTER 1989  http://www.angelfire.com/mn3/andersonadvocates/PDFedem2006/file8.pdf


                                   To the Reporters who have followed Sharons RealEstate and Political Cases, Please help fill in the Dates and Blanks.

                                    Sharon thrown in St.Peter and Brainard Institutions because I will not and could not hire a Lawyer_ Rule 20 Bogus 1997 when she went to pay taxes on her Propertys  triggering the Murder of Sharons 2nd Husband Cpl Jim Anderson 21Sept2000 Exception John Graham altho that’s another Story.

www.sharonvaitkin.blogspot.com  www.sharonvbarbarmstrong.blogspot.com  currently has Glacoma and can’t see out of Left Eye………

                         Pursuant to Penalitys of Perjury.   www.facebook.com/sharon4anderson  www.twitter.com/sharon4anderson   www.youtube.com/sharon4anderson + Blogs et al.


We are requesting information that will be kept confidential by us, but it will be used to help us contact you now and later, and the information might prove to be helpful to me when I interview you.  In your email response, please provide as much of the following as you care to provide:

  1. Your full name  Sharon Anderson aka Peterson_Chergosky_Scarrella
  2. Your street address Legal 1058 Summit Ave_PO Box 4384
  3. Your city            St.Paul
  4. Your state          MN
  5. Your zip              55104-0384
  6. Home Telephone 651-776-5835
  7. Cell Phone
  8. Business Phone
  9. Fax
  10. Best email address for you  Sharon4Anderson@aol.com
  11. Website (if any)     www.sharon4anderson.org
  12. Age                           Senior Citizen
  13. Marital status (if applicable to your story)  VA Widow www.cpljimanderson.blogspot.com
  14. Spouse or significant other’s name (if applicable to your story)
  15. Children’s names and ages (if applicable to your story) Vonessa Anna Maria Scarrella aka Cleveland aka Florentine  7 children with (4) Greats http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UknPKrRXzAY&list=UUrks9Efa8EUK_wXI5AvCeWA&index=2&feature=plcp
  16. Occupation Former RealEstate Entreprenuer, Waitress,Retired
  18. Title (optional, but part of the film is to demonstrate people from all walks of life)
  19. Employer (optional, but part of the story is to demonstrate people from all walks of life)
  20. Names and contact information from any witnesses who might be helpful in corroborating your story (optional)  30 years fighting Government on File RealEstate Records, Blogs, Forensic Files numerous
  22. Names and contact information for people who have made you a victim (optional – but we will be trying to confront or interview some of the bad guys) Primarily all State and Federal Judges_Justices re: Bills of Impeachment


  23. Sharon4Council: Impeachment of Judge Kathleen Gearin 13Mar09

    sharon4council.blogspot.com/…/impeachment-of-judge-kathleen-gea…Cached – Similar
    You +1’d this publicly. Undo
    Mar 13, 2009 – Bills of impeachment against many judges will be brought. ….. ECF_P165913_sa1299 Sharon Scarrella Anderson’s Page – We The People

Then write up a three-minute script for your testimony, and email it to  Bill@lawlessAmerica.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

                                 Thirty years in 3 Minutes:  SUMMARY Sharon Peterson Hometown,Homerown Gal.Reprisals have been HEINOUS.

      1957                Affiant hereinafter Sharon Retired RealEstate Entreprenuer, 1st Marriage at age 17 to John Scarrella age 27, who techinally was Married to Patricia Foy, We went to Watertown Iowa.

      1959 Vonessa was Born, Baby Girl,  Mother and Sharon were PG at the Same time, Gave the Girls Ice Skating etc.

       1967 Contact with Corrupt Judges in the ” taking” of  Sharons Daughter Vonessa age approx (7)1966, Decedant Judge Lynch giving Custody to John Scarrella, his Mistress Joan Cloyd Gooselaw,when they were involved in the Murder of a 10 month old Baby Boy, Henry Gooselaw Jr.  Affiant was never found unfit, However the Corrupt Courts up to  this day.

     1974  Sharon joined DRI to expose Corrupt Judges_

Dick Bullock former President of DRI ie: Divorce Reform Inc., We countersued the Minnesota Bar for Bogus “Unauthorized Practice of Law” 1974 We ran for Supreme Court Justices found at http://sharon4judge.blogspot.com/

Rev. Bullock of the Church of Living Faith and Legal Foundation was Humanitarian,Civic/Politics Candidate (1978) DFL for US Senator against Hubert Humphrey, when humphrey was Dead, Bullock should have been next in line instead of Humphreys Widow Muriel Then Bullock ran for State Attorney General MN to enforce Separation of Powers

  Sharon joined Divorce Reform Inc. to have her Daughter Vonessa returned  Rev. Dick  Bullock  www.richard-bullock.blogspot.com                      

Bullock v. State MN 611 F2d258(1979)
In re Scarrella for Associate Justice 221NW2d562

1976  Reprisals via Corrupt judiciary to Steal Sharons Home at 1058 Summit Ave. St. Paul,MN stating Forfeiture of not paying Taxes:  Sharon’s HS Credit was Taken, Taxs were Paid Home had NO MORTGAGE,

1978 Sharon married www.cpljimanderson.blogspot.com Silver Star Marine Disabled.
1982  Won in Tax Court Homestead Reinstated.
News Flash Court Tax Records from 1982 in pdf files Its Bizzare fighting the System for 27 years without “dueprocess” HELP current file 62cv09-1163 Judge John Vandenorth Sharon is the only one out of 3,000 thousand propertys


SharonScarrellaAnderson has fought the Bizzare Tax “takings” of our Homestead Credits, “takings” without Just Compensation.
1988  I’ve got numerous files of Court cases’s denying  Jury Trials etc.  in a RICO Patterned Enterprise by Corrupt Judges.
2000 Sept21 Cpl Jim Anderson Murdered via Medical Neglience of Itasca and Aitkin Co. Judges Hawkins,Solien,Land, etc.
2005  Cops Stalking Sharon causing Fractured Ankle

2006 City Shuts off Water to Harass, Condemn yet another of Sharons Propertys http://forums.e-democracy.org/groups/stpaul-issues/files/f/900-2007-02-27T034409Z/WritProA06-1150_30Jun06.pdf

Forensic Files www.sharon4anderson.org

SEE Cases: MINNESOTA v. OLSON, 495 U.S. 91 (1990)
Sharon at e-democracy: Click here | Sharon’s Briefs: Click here

2007  City Steals my Car,trailer with Disabled Plates etc. unabated by Public Officials http://forums.e-democracy.org/groups/stpaul-issues/files/f/1679-2007-07-08T193758Z/5Jul07RatAssLegal_22.pdf

haron4Anderson@aol.com ECF_P165913Pacersa1299 telfx: 651-776-5835:Attorney ProSe_InFact,Private Attorney General QuiTam Whistleblower, HEALTH CARE

Candidate AG2010 www.sharonagmn2010.blogspot.com Blogger: www.facebook.com/sharon4anderson www.twitter.com/sharon4anderson Homestead Act of 1862 neopopulism.org – Pro Se Dec Action Litigation Pack Sharon4Anderson | Scribd Document’s are based on SEC filings, Blogger: Dashboard Home | www.slideshare.com/sharonanderson www.taxthemax.blogspot.com www.sharon4anderson.org
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In a message dated 4/13/2012 6:49:37 P.M. Central Daylight Time, williamwindsor@bellsouth.net writes:

Lawless America Movie







Dear Sharon Anderson:

I am sending this to all 700 people who have asked to be in the movie, though about half of you have provided all or most of the information that we need.  To those who haven’t provided the basic information, I am BEGGING you to reply to this email with the information we need.  The others want the filming to begin ASAP, and those who haven’t responded are holding the movie back.  (If you have sent in your information, THANKS.)

Here is the list of those from whom we have not received information:


Adam Assenberg

Alex Higdon

Alina Concepcion

Allie Loraine Yager Overstreet

Andrea Wilson

Angela Leonard

Angela Stonebraker

Avis Hamlin

B J Davis

Ben Barlyn

Ben Vonderheide

Beverly Tran

Beverly Williams Donias

Bill Corbin

Bill Moore

Bill V

Bill Waldron

Bob Hurt

Bob Schulz

Bradley Manning

Brenda and Daniel Blue

Bruce Bennett

Bruce Eden

Bruce Olsen

C. Prater

Carl Bowens

Carl Lanzisera

Carrie Adams

Charles Edward Lincoln

Charles Maxwell

Cherie & Dale B Adams

Cheryl Alexander

Chris Thompson

Christina Cottrell

Christina Garcia

Christine Fraczek-McConnell

Christopher “Kit” Slitor

Christopher House

Colleen A Collins


Daniel Cooper

Daniel Quinn

Daria A Miedzinski

Darla Dawald

Darrell Lomax

Dave Taylor

David Aiken

David Ball

David Briggman

David Bruce

David C Grossack

David Carlin

David Irons

Debby Reagan

Debra Poulsen

Delilah Michael

Denise Loughlin

Denise-Marie McIntosh

Dennis Lawrence

Diane Firestone

Don Mashak

Donna Taylor

Donnetta Bennett-Swartz

Dot Knightly

Doug Schafer

Douglas Sharpe

Dr. Michael Stefanov

Dr. Shirley Moore

Ed Kramer

Edward Bryans

Elena Sassower

Eric Sage

Erin Baldwin

Ethel Lopez

Fraczek Family

Francesca Moore

Freddie Pinkney

Gail Duncan

Gary Brown

Gary Ivan Terry

Gary Woodroffe

Gayle Ayala

Geary Juan Johnson

Gege Odion

Georganne Bixler Meyers

Georganne Bixler Meyers

George Dreisch

Gina Pupillo-Kunda

given-cynthia i-am

Glen Gibellina

Glenn Hutchinson

Gloria Ford

Greg Karam

Hans Sherrer

Heather Russell Wilder

Helena Reilly

Henry David Walker

Herb Lux

Hope McClendon

Hope Nardone

Hugh Caperton

Iolio Marguerite Jones

J D Shultis

Jacqueline Maier

James Petruska

James Renwick Manship

James Twoeagles

James W Anderson III

Janet Hamblen

Janet McDonald

Janet Phelan

Janice Wolk Grenadier

Jay Darton Daugherty

Jene Walker Roy

Jennie Morton

Jennifer Glass Andersen

Jennifer Goings

Jennifer Lane

Jessica Siegal

Jessie Tompkins

Jill Clarke

Jill Freedman

Jim Cunningham

Jim Duensing

Joe Imperi

John Bazzo

John Kotmair

John Lobianco

John M and Lori Larson

John Margetis

John Ross

Joli Pesek

Jon Roland

Jorge E Anderson, Ph.D.

Joseph Blackburn

Joy Brown

Joyce Strahberry


Kamaray Page

Karen Bitz

Karen Harold

Karen Shaw

Karen Shirley

Kari McDonald

Karleen Sajulga


Kathie Seidel

Kathleen Dearinger

Kathy Hastings

Kathy Watson

Keith Davidson

Keith G Walker

Kenneth Hunt

Kent Hovind

Kerry Max Cook

Kevin McKenna

Kevin Richard Powell

Kevin Thompson

Kim Dillon

Kimberlee Simpson Dillon

Kimberley Manrique

Kris Sergentakis

Kristi Devine

Kyung Trotter

Larry Hohol

Larry Kerkman

Larry Mendoza

Larry Reid

Latifa Ring

Laura J. McGarry

Lazaro Ecenarro

Lea Sage Banken

Leonard Rowe

Leonard W Giddens Jr.

Lily Gonzalez

Linda A. Simon

Linda and Russell Hamilton

Linda Baden

Linda Souza

Lindsey Anne Griffiths


Lori Overstreet

Lori Saxon

Lorna Maresh

Lory Rouse

Lou Ann Anderson

Lydia Joy Chichester

Lynn Patterson Gorencel

Margaret Motheral

Margi Crook

Marie Boyd

Mark Glasser

Mark Skeete

Mark Supanich

Marlene Jones

Marsha Maines

Marshall Prichard

Martin de la Garza

Martin Parlato

Mary Bagnaschi

MaryAnn Lubas

Matthew Forte

Max Shelby

McConnell Family

Melanda Adams

Melanie Rouse

Melissa Churchman

Melissa Gaston

Melissa Higgins

Melissa L. Johnson McNutt

Melody J Schmitt

Meryl M Lanson

Michael Blascoe

Michael Caraway

Michael Ellis

Michael P Green

Michele Lynett

Michelle Looney

Mickey Kattar Margetis

Mike Chilinski

Mike Chubre

Mike Golden

Mike Nazario

MINK Squad

Miriam Krause

Mohammed Khalil

Monty Goodell

Ms. D M M Pelletier

Nancy Hey

Nancy Lazaryan

Nancy Rolfe


Nicholas Purpura


Pablo Waldmiller

Pamela Barnett

Pamela Jane Lofland

Pamela Kilmer

Pamela Taylor

Pastor Scott Wallis

Pat Brady

Pat Murphy

Paul Coppock

Paul Cortez

Paul Irey

Paul M Clements

Paul Reilly

Paul Southwick

Paul Waldmiller

Penny Brock

Perry Berens

Peter Clark

Peter I Militante

Phil Hall

Phil Stimac

Piper Accettella

Quesha D. Powell

R. N. McGhee

Randall Townsend

Randy and Brenda Kessler

Randy Kluge

Randy White

Ray Herron

Rebecca L McLaughlin

Renee Harrington

Rev. Wolfgang Depescalo

Rhonda Dzierzon

Richard Fine

Richard Hvizdak

Richard Kirby

Richard Koenig

Richard L Thomas

Robert Gipson

Robert Makielski

Robin Rider-Osborne

Rod Class

Rod Schmidt

Roger Alan Shuler

Roger Roots

Roger Shindell

Ron Agner

Ronald Reale

Ruth Chichester

Ruth Cummins

Sabrina Felton

Samantha W Caparas

Sandy Fonzo

Scott Hintz

Shari Cook

Sharon Anderson

Sheri Kohrman

Sherry Carroll Rollins

Sherry Lund

Spencer C. Young


Stacy Slayton

Stephanie Deatherage

Stephen Blanco

Steve Muller

Steve Murphy


Steven Burda

Steven G Erickson

Steven Wayne Pattison

Stuart Meltzer

Sue Bridgman

Susan Galumbeck

Susan Gibson

Susan Porter

Susan Raybon

Susie Connor

Taffy Rice

Tammy Hardesty

Tammy Harner

Tammy Wall

Tawni Marie Roark

Ted King

Ted Palmer

Terence Culpepper

Teresa Goin

Teresa Register

Teresa Shaw

Terrence Popp

Thomas Ball

Thomas Coleman

Thomas J Hackett

Thot Criminill

Tiffini Flynn Forslund

Tina Eugenia Jackson

Tina Kufner

Todd Brown

Tom Donahue

Tonya Whitfield

Torina Collis

Trisha Shafer

Ulysses Cooper

Valerie Convertino

Vanessa Nelson Sommerfield

Veronique Wyvell

Vicki Auman

Vicki Mangum

Vickie Barker

Vickie Capps

Victor Gomez

Walter Burien

Walter McGuffin

Wanda Spann

Wendy Lewis

Wendy Tiffany Jenkins

Wenzell Taylor

Wesley W. Hoyt

William D Goble

William Dunn

Yvonne Allen

Zed McLarnen

Wanda Pinero

Bianca Pinero

Ralph Tortorici

Lisa Ferrara

If you have not sent information to me and do not respond, I will have to remove you from the filming.  Your story will not be publicized to the media; your story will not be sent to every elected official in your state; your story will not be sent to every member of the U.S. Congress; your story will not be sent to the FBI, the Department of Justice, judges, and others; those who you accuse of wrongdoing will not be exposed on the Internet; and you will not be in the movie.  To be included, we must have the following from you at this point:

  1. Please provide the following:
    1. Your full name
    2. Your street address
    3. Your city
    4. Your state
    5. Your zip
    6. Home Telephone
    7. Cell Phone
    8. Business Phone (optional)
    9. Fax (optional)
    10. Best email address for you
    11. Website (if any)
    12. Age
    13. Occupation
  2. As soon as possible, send a (Microsoft Word file or type it in an email) three-minute script for your testimony.  This will be the first thing that we record when I meet with you. 
  3. Please send the names and contact information for any other victims who you feel would be good to interview so they can tell their story.

If you feel you don’t have time to write a three-minute summary, send us anything that you have in Microsoft Word or email text format from which we can draft a three-minute summary for you.


Please tune in to my TalkShoe shows – Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-midnight Eastern Time and Sundays 5-7 pm — http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/talkCast.jsp?masterId=115884&cmd=tc

Here’s the latest article that explains this 50-state trip — http://www.lawlessamerica.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=810:lawless-americathe-movie-will-interview-over-630-victims-of-government-corruption-and-judicial-corruption-&catid=133:lawless-america-the-movie&Itemid=105








William M. Windsor

Bill@LawlessAmerica.com — Office: 770-578-1094 — Fax: 770-578-1057


P.O. Box 681236 — Marietta, GA 30068


Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives for Georgia


Please join the cause: http://www.causes.com/causes/593708-support-the-constitution-bill-of-rights-honesty-in-government





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