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My Story of Organized Crime, Organized Stalking, Public/Political Corruption and Domestic Terrorism

2daysprior to my daughtersUNEXPECTED DEATH

Most interesting discovery. Also discovered that call I received yesterday afternoon concerning my adult childs whereabouts alleging to be the Social Security admin that was holding her mail came from the GSA Federal Building St Paul former employer of Joe Scartozzi. Currently a Columbia Heights Reserve Police Officer. Following that phone call I received the message of Facebook, NOT COINCIDENTAL, with the upload of a publication “WE HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER” There is a police report with the Fridley Department concerning a METH FRENZIED ALLEGED KIDNAPPING I BELIEVE TO BE A CASE OF SEX TRAFFICKING JANUARY 2011 CONCERNING SARAH JEAN MATHENY MY NOW 27 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER. IRONICALLY JOE SCARTOZZI COMES TO THE CABIN LAST NIGHT AFTER DARK IS CAPTURED IN PHOTO’S TODAY IN OBVIOUS COLLUSION WITH GERALD CLARK AND DISCUSSING PHOTO’S WITH HIS FEMALE ACCOMPLICE? COINCIDENTAL? OR MORE THAN REASONABLY SUSPICIOUS CONCERNING HIS INVOLVEMENT WITH THE WHOLE ATROCIOUS SCHEME CONCERNING…

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