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http://sharonagmn2010.blogspot.comand Tax/Election Charges against Ramsey County Auditor Mark Oswald, Judge John Vandenorth Google Lawmen Cases MN 62cv09-1163 « Sharon4anderson’s Weblog et al,

We have to live every day as our last as it may be just that.
Sharia4Law aka Shewolfeagle aka Sharon4

Finally cooperation from Christopher.Channing@courts.state.mn.us  Ramsey Co. tel: 651-266-8260  File’s82-1292Taxes 1982 SharonAnderson,BernicePeterson et al Homesteads at 1058 Summit Ave and 309 Pelham Blvd. St.Paul,MN

Copies of documents may be emailed to you, upon request to Mr. Channing.   You may access the docket of the file you reference below by going to www.mncourts.gov.  Other than that, access to the court file and documents (physical file or images via our public terminal) are available on the 6th floor of the courthouse.   Thank you, Sharon.    Lynae K.E. Olson    Civil Division Administrator   Second Judicial District   St. Paul, MN  55042   (651) 266-8255   lynae.olson@courts.state.mn.us


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Lawmen | Google Groups       http://www.slideshare.net/Sharon4Anderson/quowarranto-a06-1150-30-jun06       ApplBlog5Apr07_71  SharonvCitySt.Paul, Car,Insurance,TitledTheft[UntitledMA12398759-0008.jpg]



MN Courts www.mncourts.gov Re: Ramsey Dist.Crt. 62cv09-1163 2008 697 Sur reyTax ThreatJudge VandeNorth SharonScarrellaAnderson Attorney Pro Se Appeals based on Fraud,Abuse of Disgression Judges As Criminals?  Financial Institution Recovery Reform Enforcement Act – Google     Financial Institution Anti Fraud Enforcement Act – Google Regulation Z – Google SearchSearchSearchhttp://taxthemax.blogspot.com  All Files @  www.slideshare.net/sharon4anderson  and www.scribd.com/sharon4anderson      MS 363AHumanRights   Forfeiture Cars etc.    Trilogy Impeach1992 35   Copaitkbgs  ALL DOCUMENTS  76 total to Sat.7Nov09 Sharon Anderson’s Presentations on SlideShare

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Case No. 62-CV-09-1163            Related Case: WritProA06-1150 30Jun06   Answer/Cross/1/2MillionClaim v.CitySt.Paul
Delinquent Real Property Taxes for 2008  EastSideRevies DelTaxesI_73pgs   pg.53Forfeiture Cars etc.42 USC 3631  MS555DeclaratoryJudgmentAct §
Case Type: Administrative File
Date Filed: 02/12/2009
Location: Ramsey Civil
Judicial Officer: VanDeNorth, John B., Jr.


Party Information LeadAttorneys    jean.@stepan@co.ramsey.mn.us john.edison@co.ramsey.mn.us
       Topic  Delinquent Real Property Taxes for   Legal Notice TaxLetter 62cv09-1163(VandeNorth)2008          EastSideReviewnews 2008TaxDelpg53                                                                 
Events & Orders of the Court  Sa 62cv09 1163 1 Apr09
02/12/2009     Closed administratively
09/10/2009     Judgment (Judicial Officer: VanDeNorth, John B., Jr.) http://www.slideshare.net/Sharon4Anderson/62cv091163vandenorthsumjudg8sept09
       Sa 62cv09 1163 1 Apr09
02/12/2009     Notice-Other  http://www.slideshare.net/Sharon4Anderson/sa-tax-del62cv09-1163-18   pg.7 proof taxes pd $449.93 and $449.13
03/31/2009     Affidavit for Proceeding In Forma Pauperis  Sa Tax Del62cv09 1163 18 84
03/31/2009     Order-Other (Judicial Officer: Lindman, Dale B. )
03/31/2009     Affidavit-Other http://www.slideshare.net/Sharon4Anderson/sa-tax-del62cv09-1163-18-84-1252842
04/02/2009     Other Document  Sa Tax Del62cv09 1163 18 84
04/06/2009     Affidavit of Service
04/06/2009     Correspondence    Sa 62cv09 1163 1 Apr09
04/06/2009     Other Document  Sa Affid Hud Hra Fair Ho45pdf
04/06/2009     Other Document  435 – PUBLIC IMPROVEMENTS, OTHER PROCEEDINGS, 2009 Minnesota Statutes
04/06/2009     Other DocumentTamar N. GronvallMNAG_DenyService did not serve all Parties,Refused Rule 24.04 Constitutionality of Fees/Assessments
04/07/2009     Order to Remove (Judicial Officer: Johnson, Gregg E. )Dm 1399 23
04/09/2009     Notice of Case Reassignment  Edward Cleary
04/10/2009     Correspondence
06/26/2009     Affidavit of PublicationTamar N. GronvallMNAG_DenyService
06/26/2009     Other Document
07/06/2009     Publicly Viewable Note to File
07/15/2009     Motion  Sa62cv09 1163 Stephan Ans 15
07/15/2009     Memorandum
07/15/2009     Affidavit-Other  Auditor Mark Oswald Affidavit 62cv09-1163
07/15/2009     Affidavit-OtherSa 62cv09 1163 Aff Lynn Moser Dtd.8 Jul09 13
07/15/2009     Affidavit of Service
08/10/2009     Affidavit of Prejudice   AffidavitPrejudice Kathleen Gearin Judge
08/12/2009     Notice of Motion and MotionSharons FactFinding 62cv09-1163 Taxes/Elections
08/13/2009     Other DocumentMotion to Continue 62cv09-1163Judge John Vandenorth
08/17/2009     Motion http://www.slideshare.net/Sharon4Anderson/sharon4andersonwebnair-20aug09
08/19/2009     Other Document  SharonsSanction Attorneys_Fraud on Court pg26Sharons Letter Motion 62cv09-1163
08/20/2009     Motion Summary Judgment 

Result: Heldhttp://www.slideshare.net/Sharon4Anderson/62cv091163vandenorthsumjudg8sept09

09/09/2009     Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order (Judicial Officer: VanDeNorth, John B., Jr. )
09/10/2009     Judgment
09/10/2009     Notice of Entry of Judgment  http://www.slideshare.net/Sharon4Anderson/62cv091163vandenorthsumjudg8sept09
09/11/2009     Other Document 
09/11/2009     Other Document
09/14/2009     Notice of Appeal
09/14/2009     Other Document
09/14/2009     Supplemental Affidavit for Proceeding In Forma Pauperis
09/15/2009     Supplemental Affidavit for Proceeding In Forma Pauperis  15 Sept09 Ifp Implement ECF  http://www.slideshare.net/Sharon4Anderson/sharonsifp62cv091163appeal  24pgs
09/18/2009     Supplemental Order for Proceeding In Forma Pauperis (Judicial Officer: VanDeNorth, John B., Jr. )
09/18/2009     Correspondence  http://www.slideshare.net/Sharon4Anderson/sharonsifp62cv091163appeal 24pgs.
09/21/2009     Affidavit of Service   LetterMotionRequestCourtReporter ECF 36pgs
10/20/2009Sa Statement MNAppeal62cv09-1163     Other Document
10/27/2009     Notice of Appealhttp://www.slideshare.net/Sharon4Anderson/shariaaffidavitsappealricomarkoswald
10/30/2009     Affidavit of Service

10/20/2009  SharonsFEES ASSESSMENTS_ROW Objects     Other Document
10/27/2009  SharonsAppeal 62cv09-1163(VAndenorth)     Notice of Appeal
10/30/2009 http://www.slideshare.net/Sharon4Anderson/shariaaffidavitsappealricomarkoswald     Affidavit of Service
11/02/2009  Sa Statement MNAppeal62cv09-1163     Statement of Case
11/05/2009     Aff Ser4 Nov09 Ifp Tit18 6     Affidavit-Other
11/02/2009Aff Ser4 Nov09 Ifp Tit18 6     Statement of Case  My Presentations on SlideShare

Sharon Anderson’s Documents on SlideShare

 RElated Briefs:aff6apr07inditcoleman_20    1058 Warrant 34               St.Paul,MN Tax_ElectionAssessor MarkOswald       Handbook for Electronic Filers VA-1345   Declaration for Electronic Filing VA-8453 sharon4anderson v. judge john vandenorth mn – Google Search

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Check out Minnesota attorney general sues debt aid companies – TwinC

Posted by: “Sharon4Anderson@aol.com” Sharon4Anderson@aol.com   sharon4mayor

Tue Sep 22, 2009 6:26 am (PDT)

_Click here: Minnesota attorney general sues debt aid companies –
TwinCities.com_ (http://www.twincities.com/allheadlines/ci_13392619)

Please Post: and thanks to chad re: _Web of Debt – LANDMARK

_Kansas Supreme Court Sets Precedent – Key Decision Confirming Livinglies’


SharonsStateSupremeCourt’s Precedents must be uniform thro-out the USA

_WritProA06-1150 30Jun06_
(http://www.scribd.com/doc/4286208/WritProA061150-30Jun06) Thanks Appeal noticed 62cv09-1163
_http://taxthemax.blogspot.com_ (http://taxthemax.blogspot.com)

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