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29OCT16-clintons-state-department-a-rico-enterprise/ Clinton’s State Department: A RICO Enterprise Posted on October 29, 2016 Clinton is sworn in as secretary of state, February 2, 2009. (Reuters photo: Jonathan Ernst) National Review, by Andrew C. McCarthy, October 29, 2016: Felony mishandling of classified information, including our nation’s most closely guarded intelligence secrets; the misappropriation and destruction of tens of […]

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Issuing Judge of restraining order Complicit? Does this judge (who according to comments attributed to Ms. Lawson, by Judge Nally (retired)), seems to know how the system works… 05Aug16 – STALKING EX PARTE TEMPORARY PROTECTIVE ORDER District Attorney Welcome to the Clayton County District Attorney’s Office. I am very proud to serve the citizens and represent […]

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Did ABC 20/20 edit audio recordings of David Rucki verbally abusing his young son, to portray David in a more sympathetic light? And what message does their reporting send to abuse victims, to chil…

Source: Footprints in the Snow or Wild Goose Chase? Did ABC 20/20 Edit Audio Recordings to Suppress Evidence of Abuse in the Grazzini-Rucki Case? Pt. 2

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Video post by @redherringalert.

Source: Family Court Corruption – Bill Windsor of Lawless America and Carver County Minnesota Victims

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Family Court Injustice

Recent comments from Bill Windsor, about the family courts falsely labeling women who raise abuse allegations in family court, prompted me to think about my own experiences with the same..

The video “Enough of No Love” by Keyshia Cole has always reminded me of how the Hennepin County Family Court (and most recently Judge Patrick Robben, who is not a psychologist and certainly should not be diagnosing any litigant as “mentally ill”) attempted to portray me as crazy in order to discredit the abuse allegations I have raised.The Court needs to say that I am crazy in order to justify giving such a dysfunctional, unsafe person custody of two vulnerable children (who still struggle while in his care).

Cuz I can’t stay here, if there is no love... ”

“Enough of No Love” is a powerful video that to me, expresses, much of what I…

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